Below are some color combinations* that you may wish to consider using when talking to us about your site colors or a nice reference for those webmasters who are designing their own websites and logos. The colors are all part of the 216 "websafe" color palette. The larger block represents the background or canvas color, next smaller block would be your main text block color, and the 3 smaller ones are used for accent colors (these could be the text, link colors, headers for topics, sub category pages and so on) to pull it all together.

By using websafe colors, you're assured that all surfers will see your page in the colors you've designed it in, and you don't have to create .gif or .jpgs to load in a background, saving on load times. We can of course create a small tile of a color and add a bit of texture or grid effect to achieve visual interest, or a full background strip using gradients of the colors to relieve an "all flat" look. (This page uses a gradient background strip).

By all means, play around with changing what color is used where, to obtain the final "signature look" and impact for your own unique website pages, galleries and logos! These are by no means difinitive! With 216 colors, the combinations you could use would exceed my patience, not to mention my life span, for building every possible example!

These strips are our version of the paint color strips you pick up when deciding what colors to paint your house! Your online domain is a "home" too! Let's make it dazzle and memorable to everyone who stops by!

Below is a sample block of a larger group of complimentary colors that could be used on a site wanting to use different colors for various sub category pages, topic headers or niches.

*Color palette selections from "Playing With Fire" by Linda S. Rathgeber and David C. Nicholls
A must have step by step guide for creating spectacular effects using Macromedia Fireworks